3 Brilliant Tips to Skyrocket Your Instagram Followers

According to statistics, more and more people are joining Insta - the resource is regularly visited by about 1.6 billion users worldwide. Such popularity and attendance of the platform is due to many factors, but most importantly, Insta is always open to new things. This means that in the current and subsequent years, the audience of the platform will increase, and influential people will have the opportunity to attract more potential subscribers. 

But the high popularity of the platform has a disadvantage - the competition is very intense. That's why, without knowledge and skills, it can be difficult for beginners to get ahead and overtake competitors. But is it really impossible? 

In fact, it's all about your promotion tactics. If you’ve the right tools in your hands and you think one step ahead, you’ll get impressive results. In the article, we’ll share the 3  best tips for attracting subs, as well as tell you how to buy Instagram followers and instantly improve your online presence. Read on to learn the secrets of success!


1. Include hashtags in your content

Over time, marketing trends change, but some remain the same, such as the use of relevant niche tags. You see, such tags are necessary for the algorithms to work correctly, so they remain an effective promotion tool for creators. Tags are like keywords, with which algorithms rank content and recommend different publications to users based on their interests. 

However, not all hashtags are the key to attracting new subscribers. Some of them are "garbage" and won’t help you achieve results, on the contrary, they’ll worsen your position. That's why it's important to correctly and accurately embed keywords in your posts. 

Which tags are ideal? There is no universal answer, because each creator's posts are unique. Depending on your niche, you should use tags that describe your publication one hundred percent. As an example, if you are a traveler and have written a guide about flights with babies, the tags "family flights", "travel guide", "travel tips",etc. will help your messages become more visible. 

Don’t use the words "just because", they won’t bring you results, and your publication will be lost among millions of others.


2. Shoot Reels 

Video marketing has been actively developing over the past few years, especially short videos such as Reels. They have become the kings of the platform and so far are one of the best ways to quickly and simply "grab" your audience's attention through content. Interestingly, from time to time, videos from little-known creators appear in the feed. This means that you can try your luck, even if your page is not as well-known as you would like. 

Here are some recommendations for creating viral clips : 

  • Hold the viewer's attention from the first seconds. As an example, you can expressively start your story with rapidly changing pictures or intrigue viewers with the end result. 
  • Use subtitles. If you’re talking in a video, be sure to add text that will repeat your words.  This way you’ll get more views, because your clip can be viewed without sound (this is often used by users). 
  • Follow the trends. Add popular audio to your videos, stylishly edit clips and use interesting ideas.


3. Use professional third-party support

No matter how great your content is, statistics and numbers play an important role in strengthening your online position. It is through statistics that algorithms understand which content is potentially interesting to the audience, and which don’t. That's why numbers aren’t just a number, but an important component of your success. 

At the beginning of the journey, when your page is empty, it’s impossible to demonstrate excellent reach and engagement - you simply don’t have a follower base. But you can contact specialists who will help you improve stats. There are several options to invest in your page : hire a manager, buy ads or, the simplest, purchase real subs. The latter option is the cheapest and fastest. The best thing is that trusted companies guarantee cleanliness and safety, all purchased subs are 100%  real.

This means that your page will grow, but you’ll spend very little time and money. This option is ideal for both beginners and experienced creators who need some kind of incentive to grow. Use it and good luck!