How to check instagram insights and account lookup


Do you want your Instagram marketing strategies to work? To do this, carefully analyze your profile. After all, the effectiveness of an account is determined when you understand which story or publication gives the maximum coverage and reactions...

Instagram account analysis is the best way to understand your target audience, its activity and interaction with content. Analytics will help you target the right people, improve your content strategy and attract new subscribers. We have selected a list of tools that will simplify the procedure for collecting data about your profile.


1. How to choose the right service for analyzing an Instagram account

2. Services for analyzing an Instagram account

3. Conclusions

How to choose the right service for analyzing an Instagram account

To analyze an Instagram account using additional services, you need to know what data to monitor and for what.

Here are the features you'll need when analyzing your account:

Collecting information on the profile: target audience, level of engagement, selection of time for publishing posts, transitions to the profile by hashtags.

The cost, which takes into account the number of accounts, subscribers, and service tools for analysis.

Competitor analysis. If you want to develop an Instagram account, you need to know your competitors and their target audiences.

Publication planning. Some tools for analyzing an Instagram account offer a function that determines the time of maximum audience engagement and helps to build an optimal content plan.

Tracking brand mentions. This data is used to work with reputation, improve products, services, and search for new ideas.

Integration of different social networks and publications on different platforms. If you have pages in several social networks at once, it is important to take this into account when searching for the right service.

Services for analyzing an Instagram account

  • Instagram Insights 

Built-in free profile analysis tool. In order to use it, you need to have a business account on Instagram. You will be able to track the effectiveness of your account: reach, engagement, number of subscribers and advertising on Instagram. For more in-depth marketing research, we recommend using other services. 

To find the statistics tab, you need to log in to your Instagram profile, then go to settings, then “statistics”.

Sprout allows you to quickly analyze Instagram data both at the publication level and at the profile level. With this tool, you will study Instagram data more deeply with the help of interactive graphs and indicators.

  • Iconosquare

Designed for agencies and brands that manage multiple accounts. The platform's features include a competitive hashtag and progress tracking.

Iconosquare has a free audit of business profiles on Instagram. The audit evaluates the 30 most recent publications, as well as the general account settings. The app also compares your performance with the average on Instagram.

  • HypeAuditor

It is based on artificial intelligence, which distinguishes real influencers from those who cheat subscribers. HypeAuditor includes 28 indicators that make it possible to fully monitor the authenticity of a social network account or detect profile fraud.

  • Phlanx

Phlanx is simpler than other services from the list. Instagram, YouTube and TikTok auditors are here; a competitor tracker and engagement calculator for them.

  • Hootsuite Analytics

Use Hootsuite to create your toolbar. It will help you track analytics for several social networks, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. In addition, this tool is suitable for scheduling an unlimited number of social media posts simultaneously on different platforms.

  • Keyhole

Keyhole specializes in Instagram hashtag analytics and keyword tracking, as well as all the usual metrics. This is useful for tracking promotions, branded hashtags and contests in real time.

  • Pixlee

Create general weekly reports with analysis and indicators that will help attract more new subscribers. To analyze the Instagram account, Pixlee generates statistics, tracks hashtags, the number of subscribers and determines your most interesting posts.


In order to make an analysis of an Instagram account, follow the instructions: 

  1. Transfer your profile from a personal account to a business account to get access to statistics.
  2. Determine the data that needs to be tracked for the development of the profile.
  3. Do competitor monitoring
  4. Collect the necessary information using the services for the needs of the account(s) and feel free to work with the content plan.