If you like to move money around on the internet, then transaction speed will be a key consideration when choosing which sites and pages you want to visit. A few years ago, we might have been content with waiting hours, days or even weeks for deposited funds to clear into our bank accounts, but we no longer have to put up with banks and companies sitting on our money. Readers who enjoy a gamble know there can be a slightly lengthy process when registering with online casinos and betting companies because they need toverify a user's identity , age and residential status.

Therefore, if you are hoping to withdraw your winnings, you want to make sure you play at online casinos and sports betting sites with the fastest payouts. You also need to know which payment methods have the quickest processing times. The site might action the withdrawal quickly, but ultimately the speed of the transaction comes down to the method you have chosen to transfer monies in and out.

If you look at individual websites, you might have to trawl through the small print to find out how long they will take to pay out and you might find there are delaying tactics hidden in amongst the legalese. Therefore, it is usually better to ask an expert who has already done all the digging and discovered any pitfalls. One thing to be particularly aware of is wagering requirements that can affect your ability to withdraw money, particularly if it has been won off the back of bonus spins. Wagering requirements, also known as playthrough requirements, are designed to keep a player at a casino for as long as possible and prevent the casino from paying out more than absolutely necessary.

Wagering requirements have to be clearly stated upfront, but if a player gets carried away in the excitement of flashing lights and whirling payout lines, they can sometimes be missed. To clear playthrough requirements, an agreed amount has to be staked on the casino games, and some contribute more to wagering requirements than others. Players have to calculate the received bonus amount by the wagering requirement multiplier. Sometimes, a deposited amount can be added to the received bonus and included in the multiplied wagering requirement. In addition, they often come with time limits, and players might be restricted to maximum bet sizes while on a playthrough requirement.

Confused? Well, you do not need to be. Casino bonuses that might be accompanied by wagering requirements include no deposit bonuses, match bonuses, cash backs and free spins.  This is where following advice from the experts at Casino.ca can be really useful, as they will have pinned these down in advance and will flag them up in their recommendations. They will point you in the direction of the fastest payouts while making sure that you do not compromise on fun or safety in your choices.  The bottom line is that when you have won your money, you want to be able to access your cash and get it out of the casino and into your hands (or your bank account, at least) as quickly as possible.

Experts do not only tell you about the good sites either. Because they are independent, they are also free to steer players away from scam sites that do not have the players' best interests at heart. Unfortunately, as with everything, some betting sites are best to be avoided. The reasons experts will tell players to avoid sites are numerous, including slow payments, withdrawals being withheld, unresponsive and dismal customer service, pirated software, spamming players, false bonus advertising, and unstable software.

So now you know what is good, here is a list of what makes for a great online casino and the names of the operators who experts regard as the best of the bunch in Canada:

  • JustCasino

JustCasino does what it says on the label and offers ten withdrawal methods, including bank transfers, e-wallets and crypto options. The minimum withdrawal is $20, the maximum is $6,000 daily, $12,000 weekly, and  $42,000 monthly (well, we can all dream ….). The casino does not charge withdrawal fees, but payment operator charges may apply. The fastest payment method is by opting for an e-wallet transfer.

  • ZetCasino

ZetCasino has seven withdrawal methods including crypto, e-wallet and bank transfer, with e-wallets being the fastest of the choices. You can withdraw no less than $20; the maximum is $750 a day or $10,500 a month. Players aiming for the sky can join a VIP club offering higher withdrawal limits. Again, no withdrawal fees are charged by the site, but payment method charges might be incurred.

  • North Casino

Experts claim that North Casino offers thirteen withdrawal methods, with e-wallets being the speediest. The advantage of North Casino is that you can withdraw as low as $10, so this site could be more suitable for those with more limited budgets. You can withdraw up to $5,000 a week with a maximum of $10,000 a month unless you have VIP status, which will increase the limits. Again, the website does not charge players to withdraw their funds.

  • LuckyWins

LuckyWins offers lucky winners fifteen ways to deposit and withdraw their money, including payment cards, e-wallets, crypto and bank transfers. When it comes to speed, card transactions are the fastest option here. Players can withdraw a minimum of $20 and up to $7,500 a week. The monthly withdrawal cap is $15,000.

  • BetPlays

BetPlays tops the poll for the choice of withdrawal methods, offering seventeen options. The minimum withdrawal is $10, and the maximum is $7,377 a week. However, big hitters can withdraw up to $73,769 a month. The fastest way for players to access their cash is by using e-wallets to withdraw funds.

While there is no guarantee that you will win, it is great to know in advance how fast you can expect a payout if Lady Luck has you in her sight.